Entrepreneurship Café

The Entrepreneurship Café is an impact-driven and innovative-storytelling approach to traditional mentorship executed under 45 minutes.

A monthly engagement with highly successful entrepreneurs and widely celebrated business owners designed to help budding entrepreneurs appreciate the process of growth and the sacrifice required for long-term business success.

  • Guest Speakers
    Foremost Business Leaders, Selfless & Successful Political Leaders, Heads of Multinational firms, Academia etc. who have contributed immensely to shaping the economic development of their countries and beyond through the unique implementation of compelling ideas.
  • Audience
    Our audience will cover a wide range of informal & formal sector workers, aspiring & active entrepreneurs, SMEs, female founders & co-founders, student entrepreneurs etc.
  • Objectives
    ⦁ Knowledge & Experience sharing
    ⦁ Mentorship & Networking
    ⦁ Impact on the go
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