The Westlionco Student Entrepreneurship Programme (WeStEP) is an initiative to empower students to turn their passion or ideas into viable businesses employing 1000s of people.

The programme takes students through a journey starting with self-discovery, idea generation, business planning, modeling, marketing techniques all the way till their products are viable in the market. The WeStEP training is valued at $10,000 yet we are offering it for free to students.


Turn your passion into a viable business

Why Be Part Of

The WestlionCo Student Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP) aims to offer students invaluable training, guiding and support to turn their passion/ideas into scalable businesses which will provide them employment as well as their colleagues. The programme is designed to carry participants on a journey from self-discovery, through to idea conception all the way to the development of an MVP (minimum viable product) and conduct market testing.

The programme will equip participants with business strategies and planning canvas to guide them years after they have exited the programme. Finally, the programme will prepare entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to Angel Investors and venture capital firms to raise funding to continue the development of their business.

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