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We are the best growth catalyst for early-stage startups, SME’s and female-led enterprises.

  • Capacity Building
    (Relevant Business Training through workshops, conferences, webinars & seminars) Our Entrepreneurial education and training are structurally designed to equip the next wave of entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set and the mindset to build sustainable enterprises
  • Mentorship
    (Pairing startup owners with veteran business leaders) Our Mentors serve as professional compasses to help start-up owners traverse unexpected peaks and valleys. Mentees receive feedback from mentors on milestone deliverables.
  • Business Incubation
    (A journey from Ideation to commercialization) We offer specialized incubation programs that help grow young female-led businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial & technical services.
  • Funding
    (Investor liaison for our Entrepreneurs in Training (EiT) WestlionCo prepares entrepreneurs adequately to pitch their ideas to a network of Investors to make available the funding needed to scale their businesses.
  • Unique Office Spaces
    Flexible & affordable office spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers and private offices for teams of various sizes. Our offices are located in a serene environment where entrepreneurs can learn from each other and other businesses operating from our facility.
  • Events | Networking
    We organize conferences, summits, roundtable discussions, and webinars for both members and non-members. These events serve as platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration, and meeting potential clients.

Youth Entrepreneurship Training Series

YETS Phase I

Leadership & Communication Toolbox



Digital Marketing Masterclass



Capital Raising for Start-ups


Co- working Space

Our meeting rooms can be the incubator for your next big idea. Host your clients inside our aesthetically designed, and technology-enabled meeting rooms anytime.


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