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Young companies are vulnerable in their early/start-up years, and particularly in Africa where  there is a higher percentage of inexperienced workers starting businesses.

A lack of exposure  to the formal sector’s mature corporate governance (due to a widespread lack of employment  opportunities) means that there are a significantly higher percentage of students or  inexperienced entrepreneurs trying their luck at starting companies.

With the continent of Africa  having the most youthful population on earth, the sooner entrepreneurs are supported to succeed the  better for the continent and the world at large.


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  • Flexibility
    At WestlionCo, everything we do is on flexible terms, so businesses can effortlessly scale as needs change. We offer flexible plans that best fit organizations no matter the size.
  • Accessibility
    Accessibility is at the core of what we do at WestlionCo. Location and pricing is a key advantage at WestlionCo. We present affordable yet exquisite workstations.
  • Inspiring
    We are dedicated to creating bright, inspiring workspaces with the right climate, fresh air, and sunlight so people can be more productive and stay focused on what’s important.
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