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Atsupi Davoh is a young Ghanaian business enthusiast. She had her tertiary education at the University of Plymouth and has a bachelor’sdegreeinBusiness. She has interned, volunteered, and worked across a vast range of industries such as; education, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, packaging, construction, and design (Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Photography).

She is the Co-founder and creative lead at Beema Packaging Solutions, a business that has the aim of making African-made products worthy of international shelves by providing excellent world standard packaging solutions.

She is thehostofanupcomingBusiness & Lifestylepodcast called “THERENEWPODCAST”.

What inspired your entrepreneurship journey?

My number 1 inspiration for embarking on this entrepreneurial journey is FAMILY. I have always been exposed to the fundamentals of business from a very tender age as I was born into a family where more than 80% were business men and women. I grew up knowing that’s exactly what puts food on the table. I didnt experience only victorious days, i had the privilege of watching my parents work through very
challenging times with absolute resilience.

What did your first failure in business look like and how did you surmount it?

Starting a business with no experience is a perfect recipe for some errors. Our first failure in business I’d say was caused by complacency – we judged the size of a packaging wrongly. This client had a huge
sale coming up and the delivery was just a day before the start of the sale so there was no room to make any changes. She called in furious, she was really not pleased, and she expressed it wholeheartedly. My father advised us to visit her business premise and apologize to her in person even though we’ve already apologized over the phone. We took the advice and that’s how we made peace, we didn’t have to redo the packaging even though we were ready to, but we made a FRIEND. But this taught us to always get the facts right before production.

Who is your target market and why does Beema matter to them?

Our target market is the Small and Medium sized African Business at any stage of thier business journey.
We are constantly finding ways to create offers that combat the current limitations of the packaging industry in Ghana. Eg. High Minimum Order Quantities – which makes it rather difficult for budding businesses to take a risk with packaging.

Whom do you look up to in the packaging space and why?

PACKHELP.COM – It’s an ecommerce retail outlet for packaging products – they have a business model ideal for SME’s and they solve packaging problems we are aspiring to solve in the near future.

What’s your take on the African Continental Free Trade Area?

I believe no set of people can achieve greatness unless there is a common vision. African Continental Free Trade Area is an opportunity for Africa to have one strong voice in Trade and potray ourselves as one unit – which will not be easily broken.

In the next 5 years, which African countries do hope to do business with?

RWANDA – The development trajectory of Rwanda in recent times is essentially positioning the country to become the China of Africa (Producing and consuming almost everything they need). I look forward to tapping into such regions for business growth and expansion.

What cautionary nuggets would you give to other emerging female entrepreneurs?

People buy into who you are than they will ever buy into what you sell …. Don’t ever stop working on yourself from every angle.

What does the WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community mean to you?

The community offers an informal opportunity to access women that can collectively relate to any stage of business you are at. So, we don’t feel alone.


The UNVEIL is an entrepreneurial initiative designed to validate the respective stories and amplify the voices of active female participants in the labor market, engrossed in providing sustainable solutions to Africa’s diverse challenges through enterprising. An initiative powered by WESTLIONCO.


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