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We set the tone for our latest initiative “The UNVEIL” with Edna Frimpong, one of Ghana’s youngest female entrepreneurs making remarkable strides in the shoemaking business, an unconventional entrepreneurial space dominated largely by men.

About Edna Frimpong

Edna Frimpong, affectionately called the Shoemaker Gurl is a young female entrepreneur who hails from Ghana. She formerly worked with Sub Saharan Education Project (SSEP), a non-governmental organization, as a Project Coordinator for eight years. Currently, she doubles as Founder & Creative Director of Ghanaian footwear brand, Fash Slippers. She also operates as Head of PR at Ahofade. A proud product of Adonten Senior High School at Aburi in the Eastern Region and a fresh graduate from Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

1. What inspired you to start your business?

First of all, I was born into a family of a shoemaker. My dad is a professional shoemaker with a commitment to shoemaking spanning two decades.

Having had the opportunity to work closely with my dad all through my developmental years has had an entrenched impact on my entrepreneurial journey. It all started with my dad and as the firstborn of my parents, I decided to take up the shoemaking business to the next level.

2. Tell us about your early ordeal as a young female entrepreneur in Ghana.

It’s exciting to say that my ordeal as a female entrepreneur in Ghana has not been marred with bad experiences.

Personally, I haven’t received any bad energy or had a bad encounter since the start of my shoemaking business. It’s only that, people sometimes feel suspicious giving you the job because of the fear of not doing the right thing. Apart from that, the community has really received me well.

3. What difference is your business making in the lives of others?

Underneath the simplistic idea of producing shoes for the feet, we are imparting the skills through training and ultimately creating employment.

Imagine life without shoes. How will this life be? People from all walks of life need shoes for work, events, and school. We are not just producing shoes but creating employment opportunities for those wanting to acquire the skills.

4. What do you wish you knew before starting your business?

I wish I knew exactly what it takes to build an international brand. It’s never an overnight affair. It takes time, opportunities and money.

Having been on this journey for a while, I have come to understand that international recognition comes with time, opportunities, and money. The cost of shipping alone could cripple a customer’s purchasing desire. I’ve learned to be patient while I give my all.

5. In the next 5 years, to what extent do you envisage your business growth?

Having trained and empowered more than 5000 youth in the shoemaking business. I hope to establish a shoemaking school that will accomplish exactly that.

6. What does the WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community mean to you?

The WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community is the go-to community of resilient female entrepreneurs that guarantees the growth of its members.

WeFEC is a big deal and means a lot to me personally. The importance of having a community that believes in what you do and support your growth cannot be overstated.

7. What cautionary nuggets would you give to other emerging female entrepreneurs?

Take a decision to do whatever you want to. Commit such decisions in the hands of God. Do it with love and see God move upon your business.

The Unveil

The UNVEIL is an entrepreneurial initiative designed to validate the respective stories and amplify the voices of active female participants in the labor market, engrossed in providing sustainable solutions to Africa’s diverse challenges through enterprising. An initiative powered by WESTLIONCO.


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