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A brief profile

Patience Ami Aidam is a passionate and astute individual who is interested in one of Ghana’s growing brands when it comes to packaged popcorn in Ghana and beyond. She pursued and earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Professional Studies, Accra. She qualifies as a new breed of young Africans who are dynamic, fast-paced, and innovative, challenging the status quo and providing solutions to help transform the continent. In addition to running Crunchy Pops as the founder and CEO, she is also a banker by profession.

What inspired your entrepreneurship journey? Tell us about Crunchy Pops.

I’ve always been passionate about healthy snacks that are easily available and accessible. Crunchy Pops tells the fulfilling journey of transforming ideas into reality and being able to share with others the joy of a healthy snack. We are on a journey to shape the manufacturing of healthy snacks in Africa.

What did your first failure in business look like? And how did you surmuount it?

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding because you turn your ideas into something you can share with others, you use your services to meet people’s needs and problems, and you are your own boss.

However, there is a lot of pressure involved, challenges must be overcome, and most importantly, you must maintain your drive.

One of my first failures was the flavor and taste of the popcorn, which didn’t resonate with customers. I listened to feedback, adjusted the recipe, and developed new flavors that became customers favorites.

Who is your target market & why does Crunchy Pops matter to them?

Popcorn’s adaptability is one reason for its appeal. Popcorn is the ideal snack for any occasion because it can be seasoned in a variety of ways.

At Crunchy Pops, our target markets are people of all ages and sexes who are middleclass and high-end earners in society who patronize retail outlets, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, events, and also commute through high-traffic sites. Crunchy Pops matters to them because it’s enjoyed by many.

Whom do you look up to in the entrepreneurship space and why?

My entrepreneurial journey is inspired by home. Having the opportunity to witness an idea from my dad blossom into something that’s positively impacting society and nations is an all-inspiring road for me.

Joseph Aidam is my dad, and he’s the founder and owner of Great Christ Academy, an international school located in Kasoa, Ghana. I witnessed first-hand his tenacity, dedication, and commitment that have led to a successful school serving the community.

Share with us some of your notable business success stories.

It can be easy to consider giving up while you’re struggling to build a company, but hearing about others’ successes can encourage you to persevere.

At Crunchy Pops, one of our notable business success stories was expanding our distribution to nationwide retailers, which significantly increased our brand visibility and customer reach.

In the next 5 years, to what extent do you envisage your business growth?

In the next 5 years, we will keep inspiring possibilities in what we do at Crunchy Pops. We will continue to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs within our communities through skill transfer and mentorship opportunities.

Crunchy Pops will continue to meet the obligations of becoming the leading brand name for accessing varieties of flavoured popcorn and other related healthy snacks,
meeting the highest quality standards.

We will equally improve the productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness of my Crunchy Pops in order to access new markets in and outside Ghana, invest in branding and marketing, and enhance rich customer experiences.

What does the WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurship Community mean to you?

As a female entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. The WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community has become such a supportive network of like-minded women who inspire and empower each other to achieve their business goals.

The community’s vision is specific and targeted, focusing on the core issues of empowering female entrepreneurship, making it the best for me as a female entrepreneur. I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple capacity-building and networking programs, which have translated into improving the overall performance of Crunchy Pops.

What cautionary nuggets will you give to other emerging female entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship requires the highest level of mental toughness. The best way to develop mental toughness is by focusing on your mindset. Believing in yourself is the first step towards achieving success. By keeping an optimistic outlook, you’ll be more likely to succeed and be able to overcome obstacles without being discouraged.


The UNVEIL is an entrepreneurial initiative designed to validate the respective stories and amplify the voices of active female participants in the labor market, engrossed in providing sustainable solutions to Africa’s diverse challenges through enterprising. An initiative powered by WESTLIONCO.


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