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  • Maybe Entrepreneur

Anyone with an interest in becoming an entrepreneur, but are not yet sure about it. This could include students between 15 and 18 yrs old and unemployed people.

What do they need?

To realize what it really means to become an entrepreneur and to develop entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and creativity.

  • Wanna-be Entrepreneur

Anyone with a business idea wanting to turn it into a viable business opportunity. This could include university students, graduates, unemployed people, career switchers, women, seniors, and migrants.

What do they need?

Support to develop of an entrepreneurial idea from concept to reality.

  • Early Start Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who are in the first phase of running their business (3 to 5 years from business registration). This could include young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs, second chance entrepreneurs, and migrant entrepreneurs.

What do they need?

Support to survive the critical start-up phase and help to make their business sustainable.

  • Up-start Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs in their first phase of business but who are preparing to scale up the business.

What do they need?

Support to prepare their business for growth and innovation and make it scalable.

  • Re-start Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who have experienced business failure and want to learn from their mistakes before they start again.

What do they need?

Help in recovering from the losses suffered and becoming successful the second time around.


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