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Successful entrepreneurs subscribe to a pattern of foundational self-leadership behaviors. They hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, they envision a possible future, set challenging goals and find the intrinsic motivation to attain them. They take responsibility for their actions and make efforts to continually improve.

Long-Term Focus

Entrepreneurship is a long-term endeavor and as such an entrepreneur’s ability to delay pleasure is a key component of entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurship is a wrong choice for anyone seeking short-term route to success. It takes patience, persistence and diligence to build a sustainably scalable enterprise.

Thrill Seekers

In the fast pace world of business, successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of stepping into the unknown, challenging the status quo and seizing opportunities in a timely fashion. In the context of entrepreneurship, risk-taking is a calculated and measured byproduct of starting and scaling a business.

Serial Innovators

Entrepreneurs are mostly identified by their constant drive to push existing boundaries. They embrace change by developing new ideas, products or services in order to improve existing ones. Their adaptable nature helps enterprises thrive in unpleasant business seasons.

Nurturing Relations

Beyond a quality product, customer loyalty could be attained through a well nurtured business relationship. With this knowledge, successful entrepreneurs place a premium on their relationships with clients, employees & all key stakeholders. They are more deliberate in expanding their network in a way that generate leads and double stamps referrals.


Decision-making is a non-negotiable aspect of entrepreneurship. A typical day in an entrepreneur’s life is inundated with diverse events that require decisions to be made on the spur of the moment. A decisive trait helps an entrepreneur maintain momentum while staying calm under pressure, making the right decisions without delay and seizing golden opportunities in time.

Immune to the Sting of Failure

The world of entrepreneurship is seemingly promising yet has no guarantees. One in five businesses is predicted to fail within their first 18 months. Successful entrepreneurs have learned to fail fast and fail forward. They refuse to let the fear of failure hold them back. With every business stumble, they leap forward further. They obtain lessons quickly and take the next big step.


Gifty Boatemaa Annan
CEO & Co-founder, WestlionCo


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