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Brief Profile

My name is Elizabeth Ohene, I am a Ghanaian business executive with diverse background in real estate encompassing Brokerage, Sales, and Project Management.

I approach every opportunity as a lifelong learner, eagerly embracing new experiences.

My primary objective is to make a positive impact and foster thriving environments, bringing about a significant difference in the lives of individuals. This is accomplished through the delivery of exceptional service, the provision of invaluable insights, and the guidance I provide throughout their real estate endeavors. Whether it be guiding them through complex transactions or offering comprehensive advice, I ensure that their real estate journey is both successful and fulfilling.

What inspired your entrepreneurship journey?

I am inspired by the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The pressing need for affordable housing and the housing crisis, coupled with a belief in the power of community, drives my vision. I am motivated by innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices. Overall, my inspiration lies in addressing real estate needs, building affordable housing, and creating vibrant communities that enhance the well-being of individuals and families.

Tell us about Brick & Wood.

Brick and Wood is a reputable and client-centric real estate company founded in 2020 as a Brokerage firm. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to encompass a wide range of bespoke real estate services, including property development, consultancy, and project management for residential properties.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver a comprehensive and tailored real estate experience that aligns precisely with the requirements and preferences of our valued clients.

What did your first failure in business look like? And how did you surmount it?

During the early stages of my career, I struggled with choosing between entrepreneurship and a traditional job. I decided to start my own company while also working elsewhere, but it became difficult to balance both commitments, leading to a loss of focus and a year and half of dormancy for my business. However, in 2022, I made a firm commitment to fully dedicate myself to growing the business. I initiated a rebranding effort to enhance our image and market position, and I strategically diversified our services to better meet customer needs and gain a competitive edge.

Who is your target market and why does Brick & Wood matter to them?

Our target market encompasses Ghanaian individuals who aspire to own their own homes or require professional real estate services. Additionally, we cater to diaspora clients and investors seeking opportunities in the thriving real estate sector. Our overarching objective is to position ourselves as the preferred company for all residential real estate needs, providing comprehensive solutions and exceptional service to our diverse clientele.

Whom do you look up to in the Real Estate space and why?

I draw local inspiration from Clifton Homes, a company renowned for constructing attractive and fast pace development housing options. On the international front, I admire the success and growth of companies such as Equity Residential, Dominium, and Anywhere Real Estate Inc. Their achievements in the stock market, as well as their overall market performance, serve as a source of inspiration for my own real estate venture.

In the next 5years to what extent do you envisage your business growth?

Over the next five years, I envision substantial and sustainable growth for the business. Our plans include solidifying our market presence, expanding into new geographical markets, diversifying our services, leveraging technology advancements, and building strategic partnerships.

What’s your take on the African Continental Free Trade Area?

I view the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as a promising opportunity for businesses including mine because it offers expanded market access, investment potential, and regional integration. However, challenges include regulatory and legal frameworks, infrastructure development, and increased market competition must be considered and navigated. I believe we can position our company to thrive in the evolving African real estate market within the context of the AfCFTA.

What does the WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community mean to you?

Being part of the Westlion Co Female Entrepreneurs Community as a female CEO holds significant value. It provides a supportive network of like-minded female entrepreneurs, offering connections, inspiration, and support. The community facilitates learning and growth through educational resources and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

What cautionary nuggets would you give to other emerging female entrepreneurs?

I would advise aspiring entrepreneurs to carefully consider if entrepreneurship is the path they truly want to pursue and also, not to fear failure. Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, reassess your strategies, and come back stronger. Again, It is crucial to ensure that your business idea addresses a problem that is not only relevant to you but also openly recognized as a problem by others.


The UNVEIL is an entrepreneurial initiative designed to validate the respective stories and amplify the voices of active female participants in the labor market, engrossed in providing sustainable solutions to Africa’s diverse challenges through enterprising. An initiative powered by WESTLIONCO.

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