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What exactly comes to mind when you see the hashtag #pennilessworkday? Well, that is precisely how we chose to crown our women’s month at WestlionCo.

We came up with this interesting initiative while breaking down our overall 2023 goals into sizable monthly bites.

The penniless work day could be defined as a day set aside for select female entrepreneurs to accomplish the day’s countless tasks from WestlionCo‘s customized office space at no cost. Hahaha! Oh yes! At zero cost.

On March 31, 2023, an impressive number of female entrepreneurs visited our facility, feeling visibly at home while working comfortably in our plug & play private offices and co-working spaces.

It was inspiring to see young & innovative women work collaboratively as they leveraged the expertise of each entrepreneur present. One could literally hold in hand the aura of synergy emanating from our occupied work spaces.

Female Entrepreneurs Community Hangout

As an organization that holds unto the firm belief that “Female Entrepreneurship is the future of the African continent”, we maximized the penniless work day by making room for a hangout with our ladies.

We were honored to have in our company two of WestlionCo’s Board Members, Mrs. Gladys Amoah, former Managing Director of Unilever Ghana & former MD of Niche Confectionary Ghana and Albert Nii Ayi Tagoe, Head of Finance, Investment & Governance at Ghana Commodity Exchange.

Albert engaged participants on why women entrepreneurs must scale up and the various funding sources available. Participants through questioning sought to understand funding inhibitions and how to accelerate access.

We were truly humbled to garner nuggets on embracing equity through partnerships and strengthening our businesses through collaboration. Mrs. Amoah was exceptionally generous with her insights, withholding nothing from our ladies.

The forerunner of WestlionCo & president of the community, Miss Gifty Boatemaa Annan took a moment to challenge all the ladies present to think beyond their existing boundaries and to give their products the chance of serving the entire continent.

She also encouraged them to seek help when necessary in order to avoid burnouts and ultimate business failure.

It was an absolute delight to host these women entrepreneurs in our women’s month and we look forward to doing it again and again.

Food & refreshment is to a hangout what oxygen is to man😍 We couldn’t bring our ladies together and not munch on some healthy snacks. Considering the fact that most of our ladies are entrepreneurial functionaries within the agribusiness value chain, we had lots of canapes suitably served – Oooppss!!! you should have been there😂.

Our creative lead at WestlionCo, Miss Atsupi Davoh took our ladies through some comic mental drills. It was all fun and awesome. Participants were responsive in every way.

Ruby Mudey, a resilient member of the WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community prides herself in making Ghana’s first cake mix. Her cake product is hands-on and healthy, taking only 10 minutes to prepare.

We had a demonstration of some cupcakes and oh yes, it was finger-licking tasty. You certainly must give it a try sometime.

We had many other amazing products coming through from Crunchy Pops to Pelikano and several others.

We shared some memorable playing time together and a great networking session.

Women’s entrepreneurship is recognized as the biggest yet underutilized opportunity for sustained economic growth and social development” – Thokozile Ruzvidzo – (Former Director of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa).

The WestlionCo Female Entrepreneurs Community has opened its membership portal to all female entrepreneurs across Africa.

Join our resilient community of Female Entrepreneurs across the continent.

We are open to support & partnerships that align with our mission of empowering African startups to succeed.

Visit our website: www.westlionco.com | Email: gifty@westlionco.com

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