August 9, 2023|0 comments

Vusi Thembekwayo Writes!

Dear Entrepreneur, I made a mistake. When I started the business, I thought I had to work like a dog for the first 5 years, and then the business would be set up & run itself. I deployed this boost of energy HARD and EARLY. I didn’t realise that when that time came, and the business was mature, I would be a leader of service, not just a busi …

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April 4, 2023|0 comments


What exactly comes to mind when you see the hashtag  #pennilessworkday ? Well, that is precisely how we chose to crown our women’s month at  WestlionCo . We came up with this interesting initiative while breaking down our overall 2023 goals into sizable monthly bites. The penniless work day could be defined as a day set aside for select female entr …

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