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Myth 1 – Quitting is for Losers

Let’s start with this quote by Eric Barker “If you never quit anything, you’re going to have less time for the things that really matter.

We live in a world that associates quitting with failure and for this reason, many have clung painfully to ideas, relationships, courses, etc. they should have long walked away from.

This has led to constant bruises, regret, wasted efforts & time that could have been diverted to more productive usage.

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that quitting could be your only healthy option at some point.

A few cues – Quitting may be the best option if;

  • Your health is suffering and you have physical symptoms.
  • Your values no longer align with the original purpose.
  • You have emotional burnout and feel cranky, short-tempered, or easily upset.
  • You are keeping on because you feel guilty about letting people down.

Myth 2 – A Good Idea is all you need

Many people subscribe to the notion that the only requirement for a successful venture is a good idea. While the notion isn’t entirely false, it is misleading. Running a successful business can be likened to a tapestry with many designs and pictures woven into i

A good idea is fundamentally relevant, but so are planning, talent, leadership, teamwork, communication, funding, and a host of other factors.

Myth 3 – Entrepreneurship is Genetic

The myth that entrepreneurs are born still lives on after many concrete proofs debunking its validity. 

Research indicates that entrepreneurs come from both entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial backgrounds and many unlikely folks have forged ahead to build successful businesses.

We believe that with the right training, support, and determination, anyone can become a great entrepreneur.

Myth 4 – Starting a business guarantees freedom

Many have been drawn to the prospect of starting their businesses at the refreshing thought of escaping the strenuous 9-5 work schedule, but the question is ‘Does Entrepreneurship guarantee absolute Freedom?’

Truth is, we give up our old schedule and creative restraints in exchange for new demands. Though entrepreneurship offers freedom in some respects, it often requires non-negotiable sacrifices.

It can consume every part of your waking life; the work doesn’t end when the clock strikes 5 p.m

Keith Krach

Myth 5 – Age as an Excuse

We draw the curtains on our Entrepreneurial Myths with a hard knock on excuses.

Starting a venture at an early age could be a huge advantage, however, this does not discredit anyone from pursuing their dreams later in their life. Each age group has its pros and cons.

While the younger entrepreneur can count on fewer responsibilities, fierce energy, and flexibility, the older entrepreneur has more experience, an enriched network, and perhaps more cash to invest. Your excuses are not valid. SIMPLY START!

About WestlionCo

WestlionCo is an Africa-centered hub, business incubator, and serviced office company that fuels growth for African start-ups through capacity-building, mentorships, and incubator programs, as well as providing exposure & funding opportunities for female-led enterprises and student entrepreneurs.

We provide an inspiring environment that supports and guides entrepreneurs to start, nurture and scale their businesses in Africa’s often hostile economic environments.

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